What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Unified Communication (UC) – A Future Perfect Communication Solution

Unified Communication is a solution for businesses and offices to overcome communication barriers caused by the distance. Installing this system saves companies from employing diverse communication channels.

Unified Communication is growing at a rapid speed. It syncs all the communication channels that a business uses for its day-to-day functioning. It creates a common interface for email, SMS, instant messaging, voice, video conferencing and audio to give business, a continuity.

Unified Communication is part of digital infrastructure that offers seamless inter-office & intra office communication. It keeps employees and clients connected and on the same page.

In different parts of the world, from Pennsylvania to Philippines, Unified communication is referred to by several other names like cloud phone, cloud communication, OmniChannel etc.

Who can benefit from Unified Communication ?

Omni Channel Communications strategy is proving to be beneficial for organizations that (i) employ global workforce, (ii) employ work from home staff (iii) need to stay in constant touch with employees working on the field, and/or (iv) employees who work in odd shifts and (v) growing businesses. Unified Communication is also vital for IT professionals responsible for streamlining communication within business operating from multiple locations.

Bringing all the communication channels on a common platform improves productivity of a business. It enables employees to collaborate from any device, anywhere via this platform.

The first and foremost advantage of Unified Communication is that it facilitates remote working.

It retains the employee efficiency by gauging their performance remotely.

People can work from home without having any technical knowledge or setting up infrastructure.

Employees can communicate via their laptops and mobile phones by logging in to their company’s UC platform. They can connect with fellow employees via videos, calls, text messages, etc.

Improves Efficiency

According to a report published by Forester, Unified Communication can help your teams to operate more efficiently.

  • It reduces weekly downtime by about one to eight man-hours.

  • As unified communication makes all the communication channels easily accessible and information is handy, the decision making is also quicker.

The above two benefits, i.e. saving time and improving productivity not only improves operational efficiency but also helps management to arrive at a consensus and make important business decisions faster.

UC Streamlines Business Communication

Unified Communication creates a single interface for your business. The entire communication trail is visible to user, no matter which interface has been used by client to communicate the message. When complete message appears in front of the user, it makes better sense. There are fewer possibilities of lapse in understanding.

Customers on the other hand are saved from the harrowing experience of repeating themselves each time. UC is a powerful tool for business with multiple features that streamlines communication.

Saves Cost – Local to Global Business Communication

At first, switching to UC may sound expensive. Synching all communication channels and brining it on one integrated platform may feel extravagant. However, the fact is that it reduces cost. As UC is cloud based, there is no need for the servers. UC makes it simpler to run a business with branches in different corners of the world. With cloud phones, you are not going to require that many services and equipment. All this brings down the costs significantly.

High Speed Video Calls Create Better Connect

Unified Communication platforms facilitate high-speed video conferencing & chats which create an instant human connect and take the experience of doing business at a different level. It minimizes the need (and hence the cost) of business travel. Employee collaboration becomes far simpler and more effective.

Organizations can upscale or downscale usage with a click

Unified communication facilitates a growing business scope to upscale instantly with a click of a button. Likewise, if one of the branches of the office is shutting down, you can reduce usage instantly without having to unplug or dismantle infrastructure etc. Unified communication also enables you to carry office with you on your personal mobile wherever you go without having to carry office laptop. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile and you are sorted.

The evolving communication trends have changed the face of the business. As IT continues to evolve, it will come up with better ways of doing businesses. Unified Communications solutions will continue to reign supreme and drive digital transformation. Unified communication creates higher operational efficiency for businesses, improves user experience and businesses scale with ease in UC environment.

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