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Finance & Contact Center Investments


The role of the cloud is transforming how financial managers evaluate the cost benefits of enterprise contact center technology. Telephony contact centers are typically a product of evolutionary investment where the choice of an ACD was made years ago and then SMS functionality was added later. A substantial budget is needed for equipment upgrades, training, and for the IT staff to make everything work together.

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Cloud Solutions


A research report published by Frost and Sullivan found that a cloud-based contact center provides organizations with better business agility and financial benefits. The report stated that “shifting from premise-based to a cloud-based contact center solution for a 250-agent setup can net a company significant savings over a 3-year period.


KruptoConnect cloud-based on demand solution reduces financial barriers while providing exceptional contact center services:

IT Capital vs. Operation Expense

Pay-per-use vs. capital expenses can be the key to a compelling Return on Investment (ROI). OpEx can mean the difference between deploying a cloud contact center model with minimal upfront costs vs. remaining with a less capable premise-based solution.

Reduce Cost

KruptoConnect consolidates all of your contact center technology into a secure cloud. Organizations can eliminate the cost of upgrades due to legacy system incompatibilities, obsolescence, and maintenance fees which can run between 18%-22% of the cost of a license and the payroll required for personnel needed to maintain typical premise-based solutions.

Operational Efficiencies

KruptoConnect’s over 1 billion calls per year infrastructure allows organizations to scale to meet spikes in call volume. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to avoid allocating a budget for idle time.

Security Compliance

KruptoConnect is compliant with important quality standards and security measures.

Telerain’s integrated cloud software service provides all the digital business communication channels – voice, SMS, fax, video, chat & email – while automatically addressing GDPR, PCI DSS and HIPPA regulations through compliant recording & archiving of all communications. Customers can access all business communications & related compliance requirements regardless of location on a per-user per-month SaaS model while avoiding the cost & complexity of legacy technology solutions.