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Inbound Call Center Software

Deliver unparalleled responsiveness, convenience, and service quality.

Inbound call center software
inbound contact center software

Transform your business


Get ready to revolutionize your business with a suite of technologies – AI, Deep Learning, Self-service portal, quality management, agent performance management, real-time monitoring, and many more.

KruptoConnect Cloud solutions make it easy to replace your legacy contact center by delivering call distribution, Omnichannel contact, and IVR from a consolidated resource in the cloud. The pay-per-use subscription model makes it easy to afford and deploy. Zero investment in hardware, software, telephone lines, and IT personnel.

Give your customers a quality experience every time they do business with you!

Transform your contact center technology and performance

voice-recordingVoice Recording

We provide both inbound and outbound 100% call recording capabilities. Live call recordings can be paused and resumed within the agent interface. At the end of each call, the recording is automatically stored in the activity feed of the associated customer. This allows for easy, anytime analysis of the content of recorded calls to help you better understand each caller’s intent, ensure that high-quality standards are being met, and gather actionable business intelligence.


call-controlCall Control

Our system provides a seamless and professional web experience to agents with features such as dial, hold, mute, blind and warm transfers, Pause and Resume Recording and call conferencing.


web-callbackWeb Callback

The system provides a Web Callback capability that allows you to capture requests from website visitors for a prompt return phone call from a sales representative. By using our APIs, any website can be integrated with your call center so that sales and support inquiries and other types of callback requests from the website can be added to an outbound calling list.


local-and-toll-free-numbersLocal and Toll-Free numbers

Get local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your existing phone numbers to optimize or expand your global business.


call-disposition-codes-and-notesCall Disposition Codes and Notes

Retain important information about the customers by adding call summary notes and disposition codes to the call logs and integrated CRM.



IVR is a feature that is simple yet very effective. It improves efficiency and reduces costs considerably for any organization. Guide your customer through IVR menus and prompts to reach out to the appropriate agent. The calls are guided through ACD queues and skill groups. Give your customer a fine experience by using custom prompts and hold music by advertising your brand. Design the scripts to fit the logic and help your customer in self-service or agent-assisted service and enhance your brand.



Non-Business Hours or during long wait times, customers are allowed to leave voicemails or request a callback so that the agents can revert to them at their preferred time.


outbound-caller-idOutbound Caller ID

Set Caller ID based on Campaign or Agent to increase connection rates and save time and money.


business-hoursBusiness Hours

It is now possible to set the Business hours of each IVR or routing Flow. Outside business hours an alternative message (Message Closed) will be played and customers can be given the opportunity to leave a voicemail.


in-queue-announcementsIn-Queue Announcements

Engage the customers productively while they wait in the queue. Using the ‘In-queue’ announcements, provide additional information or promote products, or use this to boost cross-selling to your customers.


incoming-call-whisperIncoming Call Whisper

This feature prompts the agent of the incoming call, and its location before s/he answers the call. This prepares the agent on how to handle the call. A message is played to the agent while the customer hears the bell ringing.


custom-agent-statuses-auxCustom Agent Statuses (AUX)

This feature is important for proper call distribution. The agent selects one of the many auxiliary work statuses and may spend the after-call time doing the after-call work like filling in the customer information, replying to emails, taking a break, etc. In such cases, the calls will not be directed to this agent. Once the agent is available to receive the calls, s/he will change the status to an appropriate aux code. The managers can easily monitor their agents and their productivity based on these statuses.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

With ACD in the cloud, you have robust call distribution capabilities—call processing, queuing, and routing—to deliver your customers to the next available agent who is most capable of handling the call, and all the system capabilities for automatically tracking and reporting incoming call activity and other call statistics.

Distribution Algorithms

Our ACD allows you to define how the system selects the next agent to whom a call will be delivered— ring all agents, longest idle agent, round robin, top-down, an agent with least talk time, an agent with fewest calls, sequentially by agent order, random agent selection or ring progressively.

Priority Routing

Prioritize calls based on criteria such as customer data, IVR outcomes, time in queue, and more.

Queue Call Back

Gives your customers an option to hang up and automatically receive a callback when their position arrives in the queue.

Skills-Based Routing

Your customers’ phone calls are directed to the right queue, prioritized based on your business requirements, and delivered to the resource with the requisite expertise for first-call resolution.

Wait Time Announcements

Reach out to callers when queue times are longer than usual and improve customer service. Pre-built, in-queue announcements that are used to give callers an estimated wait time when it exceeds 2, 3, 5, or 10 minutes.

Voicemail Routing

Since phone calls have greater priority, route voicemails to a group of appropriately skilled agents during quiet periods for inbound and outbound calls.

External Call Forward

Forward calls to external destinations other than systems like Mobile phones or Landline phones.

Queue position and queue timeout

The queue position of the caller can be determined and the expected waiting time can be notified to the caller. To ensure queue efficiency by reducing caller wait time, a timeout can take the caller to the next best action, such as an escalation queue or a voice mailbox. Specific queue messages can be configured after the queue timeout takes place.

Overflow routing

If all your agents are busy in one campaign or Queue, overflow the calls after a certain time to other destinations like queues, teams, agents, or external numbers. Never lose a customer.

cti-screen-popupCTI Screen Popup

The system can be configured with custom contact form and call fields that will be used to store relevant customer information, and when fields such as an account number are used in the IVR to uniquely identify the caller, all of the caller’s data is automatically presented to the agent with each connected inbound call.

CRM Integrations

crm-integrationsCRM Integrations

Our system provides integrations with leading on-demand CRM solutions, enabling companies to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and increase productivity for employees in virtually any department. Once an inbound call is connected, the agent application can open an appropriate contact, case, opportunity, lead, etc. Each displayed phone number becomes a clickable link to make an outbound

Remote or Geographic Agents

remote-or-geographic-agentsRemote or Geographic Agents

Since our Agent application is entirely browser-based, agents can log into the system from anywhere in the world, so long as they have an Internet connection. Supervisors and administrators can easily monitor their remote agents as effectively as if they were in the same building, by listening to recordings, viewing their real-time performance results, and sending messages to them individually or broadcasting to the entire group.

Customer History

customer-historyCustomer History

Automatically display customer interaction history with your business, including previous calls, emails, chats, and cases, so agents are well-informed before every call connects.

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

Multiple modes for monitoring the agent workforce— from silent monitoring and whisper coaching to barge-in and random monitoring. Silent monitoring and whisper coaching give supervisors visibility and flexibility to coach agents as needed to improve their skill set; barge-in mode provides ultimate control over the customer call, and random monitoring offers the ability to sample agent performance throughout your operations.

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

By leveraging the real-time information available from the Supervisor application, supervisors can monitor contact center statistics for ACD Queues and service objectives, personalize their views and alerts, and view real-time information in a web-based dashboard. Our call center system provides over 100 standard web-based reports on ACD Queues, Agents, Calls, Call Segments, Campaigns, IVR Scripts, and more. Reports can be customized, scheduled, viewed within the supervisor application, exported to calling lists, or exported to a variety of file formats for further review and archival.

Post-Call Surveys

post-call-surveysPost-Call Surveys

Offers the ability to configure inbound programs and outbound campaigns for post-call surveys, with automatic routing to the survey.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications

Receive a notification when your phone rings so that you can accept the call even if you are working on a task outside of Telerain’s web application. Notification will provide information on the Customer Caller ID and Queue from where the call came in.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Define notification rules that alert you by email when an event happens so that you know when a call is missed, voicemail is received or the Customer has a bad satisfaction score.