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Call Center Software Solutions in Philippines

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Telerain offers a comprehensive package consisting of the Omnichannel Contact Center along with the Service Desk software. It is an ideal choice for the Customer Service because of its ease of use and guarantees to deliver a wonderful customer experience.
Instantly connect and engage with customers via any channels
unified communications software

Unified Platform - Call Center Software

In today’s challenging and highly volatile business environment, measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction & retaining loyalty is of utmost importance. Every business wants to know whether or not its customers are happy with its products and services.

Cloud-based call center software has made it possible for organizations to conduct quick effective surveys to gauge customer issues and satisfaction. Good cloud call center software providers facilitate generating scalable surveys designed to meet diverse needs such as special promotions, events, emergencies, or any other.

Customers today are connected via mobile devices and expect fast, personalized engagement across various channels. It means that customer service teams need an adaptable and innovative platform with powerful AI-driven insights to help them learn from each interaction.

Telerain Cloud Phone Service Philippines can help you increase the efficiency of your inbound and outbound contact centers. Business Phone System with Multi-Level IOS, IVR, and Android App Manage your business’ omnichannel communication with Cloud Phone.

How Does The Omni Channel Contact Center Software Works?

Omnichannel routing system has inbuilt intelligent routing software designed to ease customer engagement with a plethora of incoming and outgoing communication channels like voice calls, messaging, live chat, and many others.

Let us understand the working of the cloud call center. Whether you’re in Massachusetts or Metro Manila, Service Desk Software or cloud-based call center works across the globe. Whenever there is a new request – machine learning, (Artificial Intelligence) gets activated and recognizes the motive of the request placed. Next, after deciphering the intent of the request, Omnichannel routing ensures the caller is seamlessly directed (routed) to the representative who is capable of solving the problem for the customer.

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CRM Integration Features to Look For

Ensure that your CRM captures leads from calls. The program is designed to distribute leads, follow up with them, nurture them, and communicate with them. You should be able to schedule appointments in advance. You should be able to track incoming and outgoing calls around the clock to identify the scope for revenue growth.  When manual tasks are automated, it improves the efficiency and productivity of the sales team.

Your service provider will understand your existing business model, your customers, and your growth model and come up with a workflow that will make your business come across as more professional. You will be offered a real-time demonstration of the software after it is ready. Even though the CRM-based telephone system is easy to use, your team will be trained on the job for a seamless shift.

Single Agent Workspace for 360 Degree view of Customer Journey

Discover an all-in-one Omnichannel contact center software platform with an intuitive agent workspace allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your current CRM. Meet your clients any place they are and give them an easy, astounding involvement in your Company. Treat them to a client experience that moves them from fulfilled customers to your biggest fan.

single agent cloud workspace

Single Agent Workspace

connecting all channels

Connecting All Channels

cloud call knowledgecollaboration

Knowledge & Collaboration

integrating apps crms

Integrating Apps & CRMs

reports analytics

Reports & Analytics


Flexible API Model

cloud call compliance security

Compliance & Security

ai bots for cloud call

AI + Bots + More

Different deployment models handle the various diverse client demands

Telerain’s integrated cloud software service provides all the digital business communication channels – voice, SMS, fax, video, chat & email – while automatically addressing GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPPA regulations through compliant recording & archiving of all communications. Customers can access all business communications & related compliance requirements regardless of location on a per-user per-month SaaS model while avoiding the cost & complexity of legacy technology solutions.

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