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Utility Providers


Expectations of an increasingly demanding customer base along with deregulation are requiring utilities to upgrade their contact center infrastructure. Many customers assume that agents at utilities must have some knowledge about them when they call. Outage notification, integration with Automated Meter Infrastructure, and compliance with regulatory agencies require more frequent and effective communication, stressing legacy call center systems.

utility providers
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Efficiency and Effectiveness


Rate increases required to fund capital expenditures make the choice between efficiency and effectiveness a difficult decision. Our cloud contact center solution instantly shifts the equation with the ability to significantly improve customer care with operational costs. Key benefits include:


Send billing, outage, emergency, and other calls to the best agent

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Centrally manage queues, coach/assist with calls


Present agents with emails, chat, calls, and social media with CRM integration

Capacity Agility

Easily add or remove agents without premise equipment challenges. Support agents at home during weather or crisis conditions.

System Integration

Link customer data, billing, metering, WFM, and other systems

KruptoConnect’s voice self-service solution is an effective channel for inbound calls as well as for outages, service appointments, and billing reminders. Interactive dialogs using speech recognition engage callers with the option to transfer to an agent.

Its Benefits

  • Inbound automation

    Resolve frequently asked questions and other requests without agent assistance.

  • Floodgate messaging

    Offer a message such as “outage in your area” with an option to engage with a speech recognition dialog for further detail.

  • Immediate engagement

    Establish a dialog without having to wait for agent availability.

  • Outbound calling

    Automate outreach for service conditions, appointments, and billing.

  • Agent effectiveness

    Allow agents to focus on important issues by automating rote tasks with speech recognition or touchtone IVR.

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