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cloud call center software

Telerain Offers Customized Features in Your Call Center Software

Our Cloud Based Call Center Software is supported by AI that is bound to enhance the productivity of your business. When a client raises a ticket, it won’t travel from one desk to another for a solution, instead, we’ve designed the software in a way that it directly reaches the screen of the executive who is a pro at resolving the query. Quick resolution strengthens customers’ trust and confidence in your brand/business. Telerain’s AI-powered cloud call center software boosts customer satisfaction

Empower Your Business with



Telerain can create a wide range of customized solutions for your business with a focus on optimizing cost and improving the efficiency of your Customer Service Team.

What makes Telerain the best-rated cloud call center software for SMBs in 2022 is our team! Once onboard our engineers seamlessly integrate the software with your existing systems, creating customer support across channels. Once installed, your Customer Service Team will be able to resolve tickets, raised by customers whether via the web, email, phone, SMS, and social media from one window. Installation is neither time taking nor disrupts workflows.

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Saver of Many Hassles

Businesses installing Telerain Cloud Phone Software don’t need to spend on erecting expensive infrastructure and employing engineers to maintain it, and neither there’s any requirement for physical space. The software is cloud-based & user-friendly; and supports remote working. Your team will get used to it in no time. All you need to provide them with is a mobile phone and they can work from anywhere. The supervisor can access activities of all mobile phones ensuring, productivity, efficiency, and super outcomes!

Speed Up your support Calls Center to Achieve More Business

Cut down resolution time for inbound customer support calls and win more sales deals with Telerain – the best-rated cloud call center software for SMBs in 2022.

cloud call center software
Features of call center software

What features of call center software the Telerain have?

Anticipating customer needs

Cloud-based call center software has made it possible for organizations to conduct quick effective surveys to gauge customer issues and satisfaction. Good cloud call center software providers facilitate generating scalable surveys designed to meet diverse needs such as special promotions, events, emergencies, or any other.

Telerain Discover is an all-in-one Omni-channel Customer Service platform with an intuitive agent workspace allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your current CRM. Meet your clients any place they are and give them an easy, astounding involvement in your Company. Treat them to a client experience that moves them from fulfilled customers to your biggest fan.

Omni channel Customer Service

Call center software is a programme that assists businesses in handling high volumes of inbound and/or outbound calls. Call center software, in general, performs tasks like routing calls, collecting caller information, triggering pre-recorded answers to FAQs, and transferring callers to other channels.

Who makes use of call center software?

Call center software does not have to be industry-specific. Call center phone systems are used by companies in healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, retail, technology, business process outsourcing, consulting, business services, and other industries. At the same time, many businesses in those sectors do not use call center software. It all depends on whether or not your company handles high call volumes.

Call center solutions can be differentiated based on how the software is delivered and what it is designed for. Some solutions are designed for outbound calling, while others are designed for inbound calling, and still others combine the two.

Hosted, cloud-based, and on-premise call center solutions
How software is delivered is referred to as hosted, cloud-based, or on-premise.

When software is hosted, the software vendor stores the system as well as your data on their servers. Cloud-based software means that the software vendor stores the system and your data on the servers of a third-party vendor, such as Google or Amazon. On-premise software is software that is installed on your own servers.

The truth is that there is no such difference between a call center solution and a contact center solution. Previously, it was said that call center solutions helped provide service in one channel (the phone), while contact center solutions helped provide service in multiple channels such as e-mail, social media, the phone, etc.

Call center efficiency has increased.

Consider how much time and money you would save if you could do the following three things automatically:

  • Calls (and caller information) are routed to the best available agent.

  • When agents are unavailable, direct callers to less-busy service channels.

  • Pre-recorded responses to frequently asked questions

All of the above, and much more, is provided by the best call center software. As a result, you can handle higher call volumes while incurring lower operating expenses. This can mean the difference between profit and loss for some businesses.

Enables 24/7 self-service support

You can’t answer all customers’ questions across a 24/7 routine, but because of the call center phone system, you can replace a live agent! You can offer customers with voice prompted self menus.  You won’t be able to answer all of your customers’ questions with pre-recorded messages, but you will be able to answer some of them.

Intelligent call routing

After all, one of the key features that distinguishes contact center software is its ability to route incoming calls to the appropriate person as quickly as possible.

That isn’t possible without call routing that is tailored to your company’s needs, which is why intelligent, automated call routing is a must-have contact center feature.

Call monitoring and whispering

Call monitoring and call whispering are two critical features to look for in call center software because they assist managers in training and coaching new and existing employees more quickly. Call monitoring does exactly what it says; it allows managers to listen in on agent-customer interactions. This is critical because it provides managers with a better understanding of what is and is not working so that they can tailor their feedback to each agent accordingly. Managers can “whisper” advice or coaching to agents while the agent is interacting with a customer without the customer hearing the manager. Managers can then assist new agents in developing confidence as they learn the ropes.

  • Telerain

  • Webex

  • Zoho Desk

  • LiveAgent

  • TalkDesk

Telerain provides top-rated service for call center software solutions. It is headquartered in Manila, Philippines. It has the highest-rated customer service experience all across the world. It provides cloud-based call center software and other services that fit best with the customer experience. It has an AI-based system that boosts your business’s productivity. It has a faster, easier, and smarter customised solution for your business that makes your productivity strong. 2000+ companies are using Telerain cloud call center software for their businesses.

The following two questions will help you choose the best contact centre software for your team:

 How will the software fit with my teams?

You wouldn’t prefer to order a large shift because a medium size fits better for you—not because of its greater length, but because a medium size is best for you! The same case is applicable here for contact center software. In contact centre software, look for the features that are most relevant to you; don’t look for more features.


What are the anticipated cost savings and improvements in service quality?

The cost of your software is an important consideration, but don’t think only in terms of money. Contact center software, when properly implemented, can save you money and improve service far beyond its cost.

The best way to estimate the return on investment from a particular contact center solution is to try it. If your vendor does not provide a sufficiently long free trial, you can choose a monthly plan to avoid committing to a full year. This way, you can get a complete picture of the financial impact of contact center software on your company.

An Informative Guide to the Best Call Center Software

We are living in a modern world where call center software plays a vital role in enhancing the activities and operation of call center support systems. With the proliferation of email, live chat, social media, Zoom calls, chatbots, and other channels, you may believe that phone support is obsolete. Fortunately, this does not imply that call centers must rely on antiquated technology to provide excellent phone support. Modern call centre software can significantly improve call centre effectiveness while lowering operating costs.

For better understanding, we are going to discuss the topics related to call center software or contact center software:


Frequently Asked Questions

With a call centre system, you can improve the customer experience by:

  • Providing voice- or touch-tone-activated IVR self-service 24/7.

  • Using automated call routing, you can free up more bandwidth for your existing agents.

  • Making switching between service channels easier for customers and agents

  • Key performance indicators are reported on to optimise training and resource allocation.

  • Using help desk software and CRM integrations, you can combine ticket and customer relationship management.

Your call center phone system’s direct cost is determined by the number of phone numbers, users, features, and software delivery model. Cloud-based call center phone systems are the most affordable, with monthly plans ranging one-time development costs of a few thousand dollars.

If you decide you don’t like the call centre software you bought, your options are limited by the terms of your agreement. If you purchased an annual plan, you may be forced to serve out your term. It’s worth asking your vendor if you can cancel your contract and receive a full or partial refund.

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Innovative companies run on Telerain - Cloud Call Center Software

Call transfers: Perform well-coordinated team

Your agents don’t have to know every detail. To explain the situation to them in a private chat before going live with the consumer, they can use call transfers to get someone on the phone who does.

cloud call center software

Telerain Cloud Call Center well plays with other

Cloud-based call centers may be quickly linked into your current CRM, e-commerce, or helpdesk technologies, including those from Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and other providers. Your representatives will be able to promptly and comprehensively assist the client because they will have access to all caller information in one location.

Different deployment models handle the various diverse client demands
cloud call center software

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