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cloud call center software

Cloud Contact Center Software

With the global cloud market showing strength and continuing to grow at a fast and steady pace, cloud contact center solutions indeed emerge as a sought-after and robust tool for communication with clients and customers and delivering superior customer experiences.

How Cloud Contact Center Software Work?

Let us understand the working of the cloud contact centers. Whether you’re in Massachusetts or Metro Manila, Service Desk Software or a cloud based contact center works across the globe. Whenever there is a new request – machine learning (AI), gets activated and recognizes the motive of the request placed. Next, after deciphering the intent of the request, Omnichannel routing ensures the caller is seamlessly directed (routed) to the representative who is capable of solving the problem for the customer.

No matter which communication type the caller/customer uses; phone, email, or social media. If there are multiple calls simultaneously, they’re automatically assigned to the omnichannel queue and are automatically routed via an inbuilt contact distributor through which calls continue to get directed to the most relevant representative capable of helping the customer out. The customer query gets resolved in the minimal possible time and s/he leaves satisfied.

Customer calls are routed in a queue; this ensures customers are attended to in turns with the least waiting time. The Artificial Intelligence used in the cloud based contact centers software is designed intelligently and is capable of prioritizing phone calls or messages based on the routing rules that you (as a business owner using the software) have set. Once the calls are prioritized, they’re swiftly diverted to the executive on the customer help desk.

Advantages of Using Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Software

The software enables the Customer Support Team to interact with customers via multiple channels. When customers need assistance, they can reach out to the business via voice and digital mediums at their convenience. Omnichannel by providing flexibility to the customer to use any of the channels leads to improved productivity and enhances workflow.

Wait time is less so the customer is less likely to abandon you and go elsewhere.

Calls are diverted to representatives who are trained to solve the problem hence Omnichannel Contact Center Software saves time.

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One Company One Platform


Whether you’re a frontline agent, a marketing manager, or the CEO, all the tools you need for business unified communications – collaborating, engaging, and analyzing customers are all in one place (Voice, Chat, Email, Meetings, Surveys, Analytics, and Service CRM software).

Contact center with AI


Contact Center AI solutions combined with Amazon AI, improve customer experience as well as operational efficiency. The result? More personalized, intuitive customer care from the first “Hello.” Live agents get recommendations in real time using speech recognition and search technology using knowledge sources that can help resolve customer issues more quickly and helpfully.

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Easily integrate with CRM

Automatically sync call data to your CRM to save time and avoid switching back and forth between systems. You’ll be able to review call recordings; check the history of each account, lead, or contact; and see the full context around every conversation.

For Customer Service


Manage all customer interactions as one single conversation. A cloud contact center platform that supports all customer touchpoints. Telerain’s Well designed user interface increases productivity and allows companies to weave all their customer interactions—across all channels—together into continuous conversation threads, to reduce customer effort and strengthen customer relationships with every interaction.

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For Sales teams


Auto-dial your hottest leads, with local calling numbers that increase the pick-up rate. It sends each prospect’s contact activity straight to their screens, with detailed reporting pulled straight from CRM.

Enterprise Ready & Easy-to-Use Software


Regardless of your team size, we provide a secure enterprise-level solution at an affordable, SME price point.



With data centers located across North America, Europe, and Asia, Telerain’s global redundant cloud infrastructure with 99.9995% uptime provides the ease of mind to scale and grow your business.



Support blended multimedia agent interactions in one place with functionality designed for Voice, Voicemail, Fax, SMS, Chat, and Email. All features are included in every plan – you only pay for concurrent agent use.



Easy-to-use, browser-based toolbar empowers agents to quickly adapt to the software to manage all inbound & outbound communications without ever hanging to navigate away from your CRM.



Say goodbye to scheduled downtime long integrations, and maintaining hardware or software. Make configuration changes to your contact center on-the-fly without having to depend on any service providers.

Different deployment models handle the various diverse client demands
cloud call center software

The cloud-based contact center software service provider will then offer to install software after incorporating omnichannel routing, CRM integration, chatbots, etc. that your business communication system may require. By making a proper selection, you can improve customer satisfaction rates and create a structure for customer interaction across diverse digital channels.

So, if your business needs operational flexibility and you want to streamline customer support, go for Omnichannel Routing. It will improve the customer support service & productivity of the Help Desk team, and offer your customer a smooth and highly satisfying experience of doing business with you.