Contact Center Management

Contact center managers handle a diverse set of requirements and challenges. They are tasked to balance factors such as cost, efficiency, staff morale and attrition, call quality, customer satisfaction and revenue. Research suggests that:

Rightly Cost

Rightly Cost

The true cost of agent attrition is between $15,000 and $20,000 per turnover if you consider indirect costs as well as direct costs in the U.S. (Frost & Sullivan)

Picking the right one

Picking the right one

Keeping the right agent and absenteeism are singled out as the greatest challenge.

Managing Channels

Managing Channels

Managing an increasingly distributed workforce that support a mix of channels (such as email, voice, chat and social media) only adds to the complexity of this challenge.


Our Solution

KruptoConnect Contact Solution enables managers with the tools necessary to excel beyond the challenges of delivering multi-channel contact center services over a dispersed geographic territory.

Contact center managers can manage remote or home-based agents or outsourced support more effectively. Supervisors can assign responsibilities, dynamically manage traffic and oversee results. Granular controls and real-time reporting features include:

  • Associate agent pools with an profile defining facilities, applications, and queue with skills assignments
  • Delegate agents to one or more groups
  • Manage agents individually or at the group level

KruptoConnect provides contact center or home-based agents with a rich telephony and omni-channel desktop environment based on standard web services browser support. Little training is required with the intuitive agent interface. Agents simply sign onto the system through a secure HTTPS logon page, providing contact center security. Once authenticated, a browser page provides soft phone functionality. Agent’s omni-channel graphical desktop enables them to provide superior contact center services with:

  • Visibility into their group’s availability and performance
  • Telephony controls including answer calls, consult with a supervisor or initiate a 3-way conference
  • Business process automation with access to a knowledge base of customer interaction history from all channels
  • Provide agents with a personal dashboard of their performance to compare to the overall group performance

KruptoConnect provides managers with tools to improve job satisfaction:

  • Observe agent activity in real time to provide coaching
  • Record voice of the customer call plus screen reporting for training or proof of customer or agent success
  • Matching a customer inquiry based on agents’ skills to answer the question and their availability reduces job frustration
  • Allowing agents to handle multiple channels reduces monotony in the workplace environment
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