Why Service Desk Software Is Important for Businesses?

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If we were to define and explain the importance of the service desk software in one paragraph, it may not be possible, but it should go something like this.

Customer has been the king forever. It is s/he who decides whether your business will sustain or meet the dust. This means if you are a businessman, offering services or products to the customers, it is for you to do everything to ensure you stay in the business. So, your focus will be on making or keeping your customers happy. You must do it by providing top quality product, top quality price, customer friendly policies, and hassle free after sales services.”

If you’re able to achieve all of these, you are likely to survive the competition. If you lag in any of these, your competitors will get past you and by the time you prepare and come back into the scene, chances are that the competition might have increased, and so would standards of the services.

Service Desk Software - a game changer for online businesses!

Service desk software also called by other names like Cloud call center providers, Cloud Call Center Software, Cloud Contact Center Software, is amongst the most important tools any modern business can have to upgrade its existence & improve chances of its success and survival. This software will solve many problems for a business, bringing customers closer. When a customer buys your product online, the confidence you build in his mind about your product is by delivering it on time and of good quality. In this situation, he is likely to visit your online shop again and avail of your services or buy your products.

However, if you also install a Service Desk Software or hire services of cloud call center service provider to install as a part of your online business machinery, you are empowering your business with a whole new experience to offer to a client doing business with you. A Service Desk Software has undoubtedly proved to be a game changer in the success of any business. Enabling businesses of varying sizes and geographical locations & reach to be available for their customers 24X7.

Functions Cloud Call Contact Center or Cloud Call Center Can Perform

Cloud call center software can help you to track the customer activities from the start to the end. For a customer, it makes life a lot easier because no matter which channel he or she uses to communicate with you, your executive will be able to sync and track it. The cloud call centers enable the businesses to respond quickly and accurately to the customer queries. The customer can connect with you anytime and you will be able to respond swiftly. Such seamless interaction changes customer’s entire experience of doing the business with you. When this happens, a customer is more likely to remember the experience. In other words, no matter how much products a customer buys from you or how many services he avails from you, the experience he gets from doing the business with you matters greatly. If the combination of quality products and amazing services is good, your business will go great. Thanks to the AI, service desk software has been able to add human touch like never before.

Benefits & Conveniences of Cloud Contact Center Software

The service desk software empowers the business with functionalities that facilitate quick and meaningful interactions. Installing this software comes for a miniscule cost as compared to setting up the infrastructure to make all this happen. The term Cloud Based simplifies all that it stands for. There is no requirement to install heavy and expensive IT infrastructure or employ a team of savvy engineers. All that a cloud call center software needs, is a mobile phone. If you have ten customer support executives you need one service desk software with ten extensions, one for each executive in his/her phone. The manager can track activities on his mobile phone of service desk executives as well as the customers.

Everyone is free to work from where they wish to. Thus, remote working is very much a possibility with this software. Workflow and quality of interactions can be maintained impeccably for the manager can view every data, minute to minute in real time. In addition to this, installation of the service desk software is also affordable.


Every business should have a service desk software. There are many providers of the cloud call center solution who can create customized solutions for you on demand. This means to provide the best customer service to your patrons, get the software that syncs with your business model. This solution continues to be in high demand and has given a new lease on life to many businesses. Changing the customer experience is the core of all businesses. All entrepreneurs whether they’re targeting local clients or global, ought to understand and realize that customer is a customer whether local or global. Your success depends on them, so keep them happy

Service Desk Software – The Features of Good Call Center Software

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If you are planning to shift to the cloud call center from a traditional set up, the features discussed in this blog post should be able to help you to take a better and a more informed decision. Remember, choosing an inappropriate cloud call center software can decline productivity of your team mainly by ruining customer experience.

When businesses arrive at a stage where they have to choose cloud phone software, there are plenty of different options available. Some hold good for outbound call centers, some are more appropriate for the inbound call centers. Each cloud center solution comes with different functions.

Your Cloud Call Center Software Provider Should Offer Multiple Choices

When you decide to go with a certain cloud call center software solution provider, make sure the software offers ACD, i.e. Automatic Call Distribution. This feature helps to improve productivity of the cloud call centers. A good service provider is likely to offer you several Advanced Call Distribution Center Strategies to choose from, based on your business need viz. skill-based routing, uniform routing, simultaneous routing etc.

 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVRs is a feature that helps businesses to deliver a consistent and efficient experience for the customers by ensuring the system is programed by prerecorded messages that allow the incoming caller to navigate through the menu and reach to the right customer service department or the right call center agent in order to raise an issue or to get an answer to the query.

IVR also offers support to the customers by helping them resolve their issues without having to speak to a person. The software is designed to offer an explanation and self-service support, which helps the customers to resolve the problem on their own. The IVR system sends them to the right department based on their responses.

 IVR vs. Auto Attendant

Not all businesses need an IVR system. For many businesses an Auto Attendant, which is a simplified version of IVR, can also suffice. If all that your business needs is to direct customer to the right department, Auto Attendant is sufficient.

Call Recording Feature

Call recording has become a popular and sought after feature and practice in modern business set-ups. This is why the call center software you opt for should also be able to record phone calls. These real time recordings are not only going to be useful for training your new teams as they get ready to join, but they can also help you increase your team’s productivity and take the customer satisfaction and experience several notches higher.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI helps to add pace to business by helping you work effectively and efficiently. Good cloud phone software comes with a CTI system with which functions of your phone get connected with your computer. A CTI can instantly transform your computer into a virtual call center. All it takes is a few seconds to integrate to incorporate the phone into your work processes.

Desktop Notification

A cloud phone software is supposed to ensure that you don’t miss any calls that are important for your business. Desktop Notification feature make sure that you will never miss an incoming call by offering a convenience of pop-up notification on your computer or phone. Thus, you’re always informed about calls that are coming your way or that were missed due to the reasons whatsoever.

CRM Integration – The Most Critical & Powerful Feature

Looking for a powerful yet simple CRM integration into your existing cloud phone system can empower your team manifold. Your cloud contact center software  is supposed to help your team to work faster, better, and with more efficiency. CRM can make this possible because it is a feature that not only helps the team within the organization to communicate with each other; it also streamlines and syncs communication that client might have engaged in at different times using different communication tools like SMS, Email, Call, via Social Media, and so on. CRM syncs all this communication and presents it before the agent or executive attending to the customer. Being well informed and updated on what client seeks, helps to offer better services and keeps the client satisfied, happy, and wanting to come back.

Cloud Call Analytics

Businesses must understand the impact of monitoring and measuring your metrics in order to optimize your operations and growth. When you get into the practice to regularly measuring and tracking your analytics, it improves team performance by incorporating data-driven changes to your workflows. When selecting cloud phone software, you should be clear about which data is going to be important that you would like to collect and track. When you make an uninformed decision to install the software that doesn’t meet your needs or gives you incomplete data, it is no good. The best cloud call center solution providers provide advanced analytics monitoring for you to track everything in real-time.

Concluding Thoughts 

Achieving your goals and KPIs is absolutely possible provided your call center executives deliver great customer experience. On your part, you must ensure that the cloud phone software you install, supports your team and business model and helps your company to grow. If you choose a cloud-based call center solution with features your business needs, you are prepared for future; you’re equipped to deal efficiently with customers and competitors alike.

Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Staffing Software Solution

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Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Staffing Software Solution

Communication has always been the most critical tool for success of any business. In today’s business environment, most of which is technology driven, its importance and efficiency has improved manifold. It has become all the more important to provide your team with the right technology and tools to empower them to communicate well with their clients and customers.

 Creates an Environment of Better Adaptibility

Cloud call centers are super easy to set up. As soon as they are installed, the system is ready to use. It offers much greater agent versatility. The unified communications solution has an inbuilt data and processing capabilities available on-demand. This empowers companies to serve their clients from virtually anywhere in the world. Thus, by installing cloud call centers, brands and companies can provide 24/7 customer service. Cloud software solutions allow executives working at different locations to work in tandem effectively, which results in creating greater flexibility and optimizing efficiency for companies at once.

 Elevates Performance of Call Center Staff

Besides being easy to install and immediate to use, it also offers flexibility in working conditions. People working with cloud call center software have displayed much superior efficiency. Being an intuitive interface, cloud solutions facilitate gathering and handling customer data from across various channels and view it on one platform. This helps call center representatives to resolve customers’ complaints and issues with much better precision. Features like ACD, IVR, and priority callbacks prove to be extremely time-saving. Besides, the in-built software is designed to efficiently route and match customers with the most qualified representative to resolve issues. And this leads to attaining optimal customer experiences. It’s a win-win situation for both customer and the representatives. As on one hand good service gives customer a great experience, the representative on duty also experiences satisfaction for having served the client well.

Boosts Security

Whether in Manila or any other part of the world, Cloud Contact Center software comes with great security. You can secure highly classified or sensitive data in a private cloud and store less sensitive data in a public cloud. Public cloud comes at a lower cost compared to private cloud. In addition to this, compared to on-premise solutions, cloud call center will also provide your company with stronger disaster recovery management.

When disasters or accidents occur due to natural or manual follies, on-premise solutions usually face hurdles as they are not always equipped to envision the extent of damage and accordingly handle the hurdles; and thus business workflow gets hit. On the other hand, that is never the case for organizations that work on cloud call center software. Irrespective of accident, data damage is negligible, and the software also provides seamless operational functionality. Cloud call center staff continues to connect to customers through mobile devices even when connectivity is compromised owing to disasters.

Low Cost Solution

Setting up unified communications solutions is indeed and undoubtedly a low cost solution. There is no need to incur expenditure on installing heavy machinery and hardware which on one hand is hard on the pocket and on the other occupies space. Cloud solutions are cost-efficient, need little space as there is no requirement of machinery and infrastructure. This significantly brings down the upfront costs unlike the on-premise solutions. Not only installation, even upgrading hosted cloud solutions is a quick and an inexpensive affair. There are also options that enable contact centers to integrate platforms and lower the costs by opting for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ consumption package. Call center software service providers also offer free trial before installation so there is fewer chances that you will end up buying software that does not serve your purpose.

Unmatched Customer Experience

When it comes to the customer satisfaction nothing can match the Cloud Platforms. When a client gets an immediate call back by the customer service agent and his queries are resolved quickly, the client is not required to make multiple calls or write to the customer service repeatedly requesting to resolve the queries. His problems are routed to an expert executive and resolved at the earliest. This reflects efficiency and professionalism of the highest order. This way, the client trusts the organization with which he is doing the business as he knows that the organization is at his service 24×7. He is nothing but happy. Good customer experience retains business and plays a critical role to help the company to grow and expand its operations.

Call Center Software – Complete Outbound & Inbound Solution

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Call Center Software – Complete Outbound & Inbound Solution


The pace at which cloud markets are growing globally, cloud based call center software are an ultimate tool for customer service.

To retain customers in today’s environment of cut throat competition; to give them reasons to stay with us, there are many factors we can’t afford to underestimate. First is the personnel managing interaction (help Desk/Reception) & second your Cloud Call Center Software. Both ought to be well oiled to drive home better CX, improve productivity, cut down on internal resources (expenses) among others.

Inbound & Outbound Cloud Call Center ;

Cloud call centers can be inbound or outbound. Inbound cloud call centers receive and answer calls. Handling customer complaint, scheduling doctor and other appointments are duties of an inbound cloud call center team. Outbound cloud call center agents make calls. Sales call, lead generation, market research, telemarketing are some of the duties and roles of an outbound call center representative. 

Cloud contact centers offer greater scalability, improved efficiency, and lower costs to companies. They are an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize customer service practices with maximum efficiency. 

Easy to Install; Offer Greater Flexibility

Cloud call center software is a hosted & easy to install solution. It comes with processing facility which helps organizations to hire representatives, agents, or employees from different parts of the world. It then provides an interface where employees of one company hosted in different locations work as a team with optimum efficiency.

Easy to Install; Offer Greater Flexibility

People working on cloud call centers have reported improved efficiency. Cloud contact center is an intuitive interface, supported by AI. Cloud call centers are equipped to handle customer data across various channels and can resolve tickets on time.

Cloud call center has features like ACD, IVR, prioritized callbacks etc. It saves everyone’s time. Precise routing enables callers to get through to the most qualified agent to ensure the issue is resolved quickly.

IVR is a speech recognition technology integrated into cloud call center software which directs the caller to the relevant department. It is used in inbound as well as outbound cloud call centers. ACD is Automatic Call Distribution. It routes the caller to their desired destination. It ensures customer’s call reaches the help desk that can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue for them. 

Scalable Software – Can be expanded based on usage

Cloud call center software size can be stretched or reduced based on usage. Meaning, the software offers unrestricted scalability. A growing company that suddenly receives spike in calls or enquiries; or receives high traffic on particular days can employ additional staff and the same cloud call center software can be scaled to meet the increased usage.

High Speed Video Calls Create Better Connect

Unified Communication platforms facilitate high-speed video conferencing & chats which create an instant human connect and take the experience of doing business at a different level. It minimizes the need (and hence the cost) of business travel. Employee collaboration becomes far simpler and more effective.

Organizations can upscale or downscale usage with a click

Unified communication facilitates a growing business scope to upscale instantly with a click of a button. Likewise, if one of the branches of the office is shutting down, you can reduce usage instantly without having to unplug or dismantle infrastructure etc. Unified communication also enables you to carry office with you on your personal mobile wherever you go without having to carry office laptop. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile and you are sorted.

The evolving communication trends have changed the face of the business. As IT continues to evolve, it will come up with better ways of doing businesses. Unified Communications solutions will continue to reign supreme and drive digital transformation. Unified communication creates higher operational efficiency for businesses, improves user experience and businesses scale with ease in UC environment.

Cloud Call Centers better equipped to handle natural disasters

Cloud solutions offer stronger disaster recovery functions vis-à-vis standard equipment and standard office infrastructure. When natural calamities occur, business workflow is impacted. However, organizations using cloud call centers ensure there is no disruption in operations. Executives can remain in touch with customers through mobile devices when connectivity is disrupted.

Qualities to look for in an inbound or outbound cloud call center executives

These are generally and mostly entry level positions and call center executives can take up part time or full time remote jobs. You ought to be a quick thinker, patient, and someone who possesses natural flair for communication and can quickly put the person at the other end at ease. This is a demanding role and other qualities more to do with the profession may include knowledge and experience.

Efficient Executive + Superior Cloud Call Center Software = Top Class Outcome

When an efficient call center executive gets to work on a superior cloud base call center it empowers him/her to deliver an excellent job. The combination drives home better productivity and performance. A good routing system that is part of good loud call center software ensures the call reaches the desk of an agent who is a pro at solving such issues or addressing queries of similar nature.

A good cloud contact center keeps up schedules and reduces downtime. If offers a real-time insight and KPIs which helps to improve sales as well as service. The biggest advantage of it is that it allows employees to work from home. The tools available in cloud center software facilitate interoffice unified communication with ease. Plus, it can be integrated with several business tools.

Cloud contact center offers benefits to customers as well as businesses. Employing trained agents on cloud contact center leads to super customer experience. Issues handled efficiently by call center executives earn the organization appreciation and positive reviews from clients. Workers also feel empowered when they work in amicable environment and are able to resolve client issues. With features like efficiency, security, and scalability call centers are at the top of their game.


Cloud Contact Center for Global Customer Care


Cloud Contact Center for Global Customer Care

An Omni-channel contact center is a cloud-based customer service function which gives customer a choice to interact with the host via multiple channels. In other words, Omni channel contact center is a platform that offers assistance to your global customers to communicate with you, through multiple channels like phone, social media, email, text messaging, video, or live chat as per his/her preference & convenience.

Hiring services of cloud software service provider or Omni-channel contact center service is a highly recommended and sought-after option in modern business environment. The new tool offers an entrepreneur more flexibility and convenience compared to hosting one on a local server. Omni-channel software service is also equipped to meet an entrepreneur’s requirement of extra bandwidth instantly, saving a considerable amount that s/he may be required to spend on a complex and expensive update if they have their own IT infrastructure.

Customers in the course of processing a business transaction often don’t stick to a single communication path i.e. they are likely to switch between a mobile app, email and a phone call in the course of transacting a business. This is where hiring Omni channel contact center proves to be effective as the software offers a good customer experience as it offers liberty to seamlessly switch back and forth across channels. Cloud based services also facilitate customer’s details of the transaction history at every touchpoint, which customer as well sales representative at the other end finds extremely convenient.

Omni Channel Contact Center elevates a customer’s experience of doing business with you at every step. Suppose a customer decides to initiate a live chat to sort out a confusion in the order placed and in the meantime the representative from the other end is proactive and calls the customer and helps to sort the confusion out; or sends the transcript of entire chat after solving the problem on email or mobile… these things add to the positive experiences for customers, helping the business to grow.

While choosing cloud software service providers or choosing Omni Channel Contact Center, businesses need to ensure that they have the right technology that can seamlessly handle routing of contacts from multiple channels. Their workforce management system should be adept at forecasting volume for the different channels and assign jobs to multi-skilled agents based on the volume. At the same time a reliable cloud software service provider who hosts and maintains cloud based technology should provide customer service team with history of customer data that can help them to offer better level of service. With a good cloud based software system in place a company can smoothly and holistically run its contact (or call) center operations.

Hence while choosing cloud-based software service providers or Omni-Channel Contact Centers to serve your global audience, make sure their routing and interaction technology is flawless, workforce optimization system is in place, analytics offer relevant insight, and data that is easy to understand and decipher. Working with a technology driven, intelligent service providers has the potential to take your business a long way.

How can we set up a cost effective contact center!

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According to Global Workplace Analytics 80-90% workforce in call centers who are in telecommunication roles would like to work from home, this is even before the pandemic. Now post pandemic this has become the need of hour and now most of the workplace has been shifted to remote.

There is a huge pressure on businesses these days to shift their contact center agents to work from home to meet the customer expectations during this challenging and testing time.

So here in this small blog post I will share easiest yet pocket friendly process for setting up a home-based contact center within few days and how it will help to improve your employees and customer experience.

The appropriate infrastructure –

For any office setup infrastructure cost is one of the major parts from the total budget. Where in here its just opposite, we do not have to invest much on infrastructure, and we will save more than 1/3rd cost.

All we have to provide agents a working internet, a headset and a smart phone. Smart Mobile phone is the most suitable device people use more conveniently these days. So, we must convert the smart phone into the full-fledged call center.

Cloud based Contact Center Software

A cloud-based software is again a pocket friendly solution for your remote call center. You do not need any special hardware to set it up. Any window-based laptop, iPad or the mobile phones are compatible with cloud-based contact center Software.

Telerain has got a very flexible remote contact center software which is designed specially to keep such scenarios in mind. It offers you many inbound and outbound advance facilities which will not only save your costs but also improve your customer experience. When there is surge in incoming calls than the required number of agents will be active and when there is a down time it will be automatically changed.

Security Compliance –

One of the most important aspect to look for setting up work from home, we need to provide a secure access to the agents and the employees. The data exchanged between customers and agents must be secured and there should be proper compliances to follow for the security.

Prepare a helpdesk for the agents –

To resolve any technical issue, there should be a backup helpdesk team who can help the call center agents for any kind of trouble shooting and this helpdesk should be open 24*7.

Once we are done setting up a home-based contact center the employer must keep in mind as it is the new practice for both and there are several challenges in anything new. So, the employees and employers must be opened to accept the feedback.

Supervisors should support their agents to do a better job. They can do video call meeting not to miss that face-to-face essence. Monitoring and coaching should not stop. Teach your agents to maximize the benefits of AI. Ai will help agents to perform their task in the best way, what actions should be taken when and this will lead to the better customer experience.

There must be some fun activities during weekend or when there is a down time in inbound calls. It will keep your employees happy and motivated and will keep you connected with your employees during this difficult time.

When employees will be working from home, they will also save on some costs like commuting to office everyday and lunch etc. Now they will be happier as they are with their families in this difficult time, and they are safe too as they don’t have to go outside.

 “Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders-in that order.” By Simon Sinek

In a nutshell we can say, post pandemic business will witness the most responsible employees who needs minimum supervision and the work from home will be a more welcoming scenario as its cost effective for employees and employers both. The automation will be on the peak, companies like Telerain will keep adding more features to the existing software to make it more flexible and reliable.