We’re living in a world driven by digital transformation. The digital transformation has touched every part of our lives. and everything happens instantly. The way we pay bills or receive payments, how we shop, read, or communicate; how we work or spend our leisure hours; how we study, play games, and entertain ourselves… digital transformation has taken over every aspect of our lives, with newer and faster versions being released every day.

When services like instant messaging, mobile apps, video conferencing, and collaboration are supported on a single, simple platform and function with the help of software-driven networks, the system is termed as unified communication. This app presents all the various types of communications in a unified format. Single source unified communication or cloud contact center software is as easy to use as it is to install and maintain, plus it offers data security.

We’ve entered an era, more so post-COVID, where work is not limited to a specific desk, phone, or computer screen. The digital transformation has created freedom for workers and professionals to work on their preferred device from any location they want, assuming internet access is available.

The term “unified communication” or “UC” is not only about how we connect different communication systems to build a digital workforce but also how we combine various tools to make it 360 degrees functional. When your organization installs UC, it means channels like messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, and inter-organizational team meetings are all going to happen in one place. When this function gets embedded in the system, which UC makes possible, the whole experience for the agent as well as the customer changes for the better. While the agent feels more confident and in control with so much information at his or her disposal to resolve client queries, the customer, on the other hand, feels much more satisfied and happier being so well attended to. The speed at which queries are resolved makes a huge difference, both for the agent and the customer at the other end.

Why Should Your Organization Be Looking at Installing Unified Communication?

If your company is considering UC, it means it wants to keep up with the times and is clearly looking for increased productivity, lower costs, stronger performance, and better customer or user experience. Let us try to understand all of it in detail.

If your organization chooses to install unified communication software or opts for cloud communications, it is clearly looking at several things that will help their business grow in volume as well as reputation. OmniChannel is known to enhance the customer experience for its patrons. There are countless stories of success that cloud-based call centers have created for businesses big and small. By installing single-source unified communications, organizations are also ensuring that wait time comes down because handling multiple queries simultaneously becomes a possibility with this new system.

Installing unified communications also means you are offering customers the freedom to use any communication channel that is convenient for them to reach out to you. Your cloud call center is set up to consolidate all of a customer’s communications into a single location that you can access while on the phone with that customer. The customer can choose to email you, talk with you via chat bot, via social media, or any other medium of communication available. Your cloud-based communication system brings it all together on one platform. With so much information handy about the customer and what he or she seeks from the call, the agent is able to resolve the issue a lot more swiftly. This way, the customer feels a lot more at ease and personally catered to. This is highly satisfying for both the organization and the customer.

Single-sourced unified communications also improve an organization’s operational strength. When calls flow smoothly, the productivity of agents improves. OmniChannel being embedded in the cloud provides more resilience and flexibility, as you can access it from any device. UC’s licensed systems are secure with all communication channels encrypted; hence, security threats are covered to a greater extent.

OmniChannel empowers you and your team to work from anywhere and everywhere and drive productivity, creating a great experience for everyone involved in the process. Unified communication is the best bet for organizations of all sizes because it helps them to move all critical services related to business, such as email and other important information, to the cloud, which is easily accessible, flexible, and cost-effective.

For organizations in the process of shifting to unified communication or cloud phones, hire a business phone system provider who can offer mobility, flexibility, and security to all categories of businesses, from start-ups to established businesses looking for some practical and innovative solutions. A good cloud phone service will keep everyone organized and up-to-date when it comes to inbound and outbound communication.

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