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When the pandemic hit the world unawares, it did not just alter the social and economic landscape, but also the digital backdrop of everything we do. Even though the pandemic seems behind us, the phase has gotten us used to several new ways of doing things in day-to-day life, remote working being one of them. It’s no surprise that most small and large businesses have chosen and are sticking with cloud based phones.

As more and more companies, especially forward-thinking ones, are expanding their presence online, there’s a rise in demand for cloud communication, or Omni Channels. Most organisations understand the importance of communication to survive in the market. They are aware that unified communication technology can meet business needs and customer demands head-on by simplifying the path to interactions. Whether the interaction is between a customer and an OmniChannel agent or amid Omni Channel agents working from diverse remote locations for the same company, implementing Omni Channel brings efficiency to business and cost reduction, both.

Organizations of all sizes are finding the cloud full of solutions and new opportunities to grow and compete. Implementing cloud telephones in your system of functioning makes a huge difference. Whether you operate your business from Korea or the Philippines, a cloud phone streamlines your inbound and outbound communication channels, making the traditional telephone obsolete and irrelevant.

What is Cloud Communication or Unified Communication?

Communication is the backbone of survival for any and every business. Whether the communication is internal among employees or external with customers, you can’t undermine the importance of communication with either. And creating a way for effective and uninterrupted communication can make or break a company’s growth and other future plans.

Cloud communication is a tool and solution that meets, serves, and eases your purpose of communication. Traditional telephone systems, which we worked on until a few years ago, have become nearly obsolete as unified communication provides better scalable experiences. It improves business frameworks for the better.

Cloud Telephone, Unified Communication, or Omni Channel technology, as it is commonly referred to, shifts your phone system on to the cloud, doing away with the need to set up a cumbersome infrastructure requiring expensive investment of money and space. In a unified communication system, communication devices are hosted on the cloud phone software service provider’s premises. To avail of the services you pay for these services and access it through the cloud via a web interface.

Benefits for Organizations Planning to Shift to Cloud based Communication

There is no requirement for hosting a private server and paying a cost; there is no need to maintain a separate staff comprising engineers, etc. to maintain the system. The best part is that even if cloud communication is hosted on the cloud and not on our own server, it is a watertight system, with the least risk of security lapse. Our data is secure and protected in the cloud.

Most new organisations who’ve recently upgraded to the digitalization of business fear the risk of data leakage. However, there is nothing to worry about on the security front. Another thing that concerns enterprises is the cost involved. Yes, there is a cost attached to it, but again with an advantage. Unified communication software service providers offer packages based on your usage size. You pay for the amount or size of service you avail of. Omni Channel is a scalable system that can be sized as per the needs of your business.

Cost Reduction

Also, there is no unexpected maintenance while installing the system or later, as the back end is handled by the service provider, and it is their responsibility to make sure your communication is moving smoothly and glitch-free 24X7.

Seamless integration with the existing system

A unified communication system is quick to install and can be seamlessly integrated or merged with your existing system. So there are no interruptions in communication while the new system is being installed. Be it external (customer) or internal (employee) communication, Omni Channel smoothly shifts and upgrades communication effectiveness without causing any interruption to anyone.

Powerful Features

It comes with powerful calling, reporting, and call-recording features. All of them can be customised as per your needs. There are many other features that Omni Channel contact center software offers about which you were informed at the time of initial discussions. You can choose features you think are relevant for your industry and will create a better experience for your customers.

Build the best teams with scope for remote working.

When you have installed a unified communication system, you can create a customer service team that doesn’t necessarily work from an office. You can employ people from anywhere in the world, allowing them to work from remote locations to serve you. This means you can employ the best people, have a talented team for the job, and, in some cases and countries, also save money.


Shifting to Omni Channel is simpler and easier than you think. It does not require hosting extensive and expensive infrastructure and investment. And nobody needs to tell us about the importance of communication as a part of business strategy. Whether it is interacting with employees or engaging with customers, communication is vital. It’s economical and can grow with your business needs. So, go for cloud communication!

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