How can we set up a cost effective contact center!

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According to Global Workplace Analytics 80-90% workforce in call centers who are in telecommunication roles would like to work from home, this is even before the pandemic. Now post pandemic this has become the need of hour and now most of the workplace has been shifted to remote.

There is a huge pressure on businesses these days to shift their contact center agents to work from home to meet the customer expectations during this challenging and testing time.

So here in this small blog post I will share easiest yet pocket friendly process for setting up a home-based contact center within few days and how it will help to improve your employees and customer experience.

The appropriate infrastructure –

For any office setup infrastructure cost is one of the major parts from the total budget. Where in here its just opposite, we do not have to invest much on infrastructure, and we will save more than 1/3rd cost.

All we have to provide agents a working internet, a headset and a smart phone. Smart Mobile phone is the most suitable device people use more conveniently these days. So, we must convert the smart phone into the full-fledged call center.

Cloud based Contact Center Software

A cloud-based software is again a pocket friendly solution for your remote call center. You do not need any special hardware to set it up. Any window-based laptop, iPad or the mobile phones are compatible with cloud-based contact center Software.

Telerain has got a very flexible remote contact center software which is designed specially to keep such scenarios in mind. It offers you many inbound and outbound advance facilities which will not only save your costs but also improve your customer experience. When there is surge in incoming calls than the required number of agents will be active and when there is a down time it will be automatically changed.

Security Compliance –

One of the most important aspect to look for setting up work from home, we need to provide a secure access to the agents and the employees. The data exchanged between customers and agents must be secured and there should be proper compliances to follow for the security.

Prepare a helpdesk for the agents –

To resolve any technical issue, there should be a backup helpdesk team who can help the call center agents for any kind of trouble shooting and this helpdesk should be open 24*7.

Once we are done setting up a home-based contact center the employer must keep in mind as it is the new practice for both and there are several challenges in anything new. So, the employees and employers must be opened to accept the feedback.

Supervisors should support their agents to do a better job. They can do video call meeting not to miss that face-to-face essence. Monitoring and coaching should not stop. Teach your agents to maximize the benefits of AI. Ai will help agents to perform their task in the best way, what actions should be taken when and this will lead to the better customer experience.

There must be some fun activities during weekend or when there is a down time in inbound calls. It will keep your employees happy and motivated and will keep you connected with your employees during this difficult time.

When employees will be working from home, they will also save on some costs like commuting to office everyday and lunch etc. Now they will be happier as they are with their families in this difficult time, and they are safe too as they don’t have to go outside.

 “Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders-in that order.” By Simon Sinek

In a nutshell we can say, post pandemic business will witness the most responsible employees who needs minimum supervision and the work from home will be a more welcoming scenario as its cost effective for employees and employers both. The automation will be on the peak, companies like Telerain will keep adding more features to the existing software to make it more flexible and reliable.

Best features to look for in a call center software to boost the performance in 2021 – and how Telerain fulfills those requirements

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We all have been facing so many challenges for the past two years. Continuous improvement in technology empowers your workforce and keeps them ready to meet customer expectations through phone, email, chat, social media, or any other channels.

As we look forward to 2021 or even in the coming years, there will be a continued emphasis on providing the best customer experience, so here we are sharing a few top features we must have to maintain the quality levels.

  • Cloud – Due to the pandemic, most of the call centers have been shifted now to work from home. To continue the work without getting any impact on business, companies have been shifted to the cloud networks and it will continue the same way as the safety of staffs has become the topmost priority of any organization.
  • Omnichannel routing – These days customers want flexibility, and they are free to get in touch through any channel, Omnichannel routing helps you to put all your contacts together in one basket and then holistically routing them.
  • Advanced skills-based routing – The call gets routed to the best-fit agent according to the requirement or the nature of the call, this indeed helps to meet the customer expectations as well as the agent’s level of satisfaction.
  • IVR – At the beginning of a call, only customers don’t want to be kept on hold for a long time or they don’t want to keep pressing the buttons to reach the desired outcome, AI powered interactive voice response service helps customers to connect well and gives them the flexibility to use the menu.
  • Natural speech recognition – IVRs with natural speech recognition eliminate the press button option, instead, customers can simply say, “I want to cancel my ticket,” or any other phrase without needing to be prompted with options, and the system will understand them.
  • Call backs – These days during pandemic huge call flow has become one of the biggest issues in centers which is leading to a long waiting queue while transferring any call. This is creating a lot of impact on customer experience. So, keeping this in mind we have added a feature in our IVR which will keep the customer informed about the exact waiting time and also give them an option to receive a callback.
  • Outbound capabilities – Not only inbound, but we also help you to control your outbound activities as well like sending text messages to the customers regarding any upcoming promo or any kind of changes in their reservations or any other schedules they get an auto call with an option to talk to the agent further.
  • Artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligent helps to make smart forecasting about future call flow while agents working from home, can send you the historical data with a prediction of future calls. In short, it’s one of the best technologies to help you to do advanced planning.
  • What-if scenarios – What-if scenarios help give you accurate forecasting data. It will help clients and the agents; clients will not have a huge call waiting in a queue while agents will be already prepared to handle the expected call flow.
  • True omnichannel reporting – This will give you a consolidated report across all the channels with the call center’s performance.
  • Configurable dashboards – We give you the flexibility to generate your dashboards based on the KPIs for the different departments.
  • Simplified coaching process – We will help you with quality management also which will help you to monitor the CX levels. The best quality management software provides workflows that streamline the coaching process, plus they provide ways to measure the effectiveness of coaching by tracking coaching sessions and quality dashboards.
  • Screen recording/Call recording – Telerain’s software will have a live call recording facility on the screen. We can record any call and any data. At any point in time, you can hear or review the call and you can review the performance of individual agents.

This pandemic has forced organizations to think about how well they can serve the customers without any exceptions. No matter where your employees work, Telerain’s technology will help you to retain your employees and customers both.

Advantages and Features of Cloud Software Services


Cloud software services are highly beneficial for any business. It enables you to set up a virtual office that gives you the flexibility of connecting to your business anytime anywhere. Virtual offices and remote work is the need of the hour owing to the pandemic situation across the globe.

Let us see in details the advantages of moving your business to the cloud:

  • Cost Savings – People are a bit sceptical for shifting to the cloud as they hesitate to shell out money for the initial investment but they completely overlook the savings they are going to have in the future. Moving to the cloud significantly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT. There’s absolutely no need to purchase expensive system equipment as you can use the resources of the cloud service provider thus saving your money.
  • Remote Working – This is the major advantage of cloud software services. The remote working concept is flourishing as people tend to opt for it saving money and also the environment. If experts are to be believed the virtual offices are going to rise in the near future. This remote working is beneficial for both employers and employees. The employers don’t need to rent and office space, buy the machinery and set up the infrastructure. While the employees enjoy working from the comfort of their home rather than wasting time and energy in commuting, thus saving money and the environment.
  • Security – Security of the data is a major concern for many businesses when it comes to cloud computing. But, actually, your data is safer on the cloud rather than the in house systems. In cloud computing, the data is encrypted, transferred over networks and stored in databases. By using encryption, the information is less accessible to anyone unauthorised person and to the hackers.
  • Flexibility – If you invest all your time in data storage issues, then probably you won’t be able to concentrate on your business goals. But, if you outsource all the IT hosting and infrastructure, all your time will be spent on achieving your business goals. The cloud certainly offers more flexibility to businesses. If you need extra bandwidth, the demand can be met instantly without undergoing any complex and expensive update to the IT infrastructure. This ability to quickly meet the business demands makes cloud environment a must-have for any business. Cloud computing gives you flexibility in your work. With the data stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere anytime, all you need is good internet connectivity.
  • Business Continuity – For business continuity, protecting your data and systems is very crucial. When your data is stored in the cloud it is always safe, whether a power failure, a natural disaster or some other crisis, the cloud environment ensures that the data is backed up and safely stored in a secured location. With the data secured and available to access again quickly your business will never suffer any downtime or loss of productivity.
  • Collaboration – When you have two or more people working together as a team, then collaboration is a top priority and cloud computing makes it a very simple process. The team members can view, and share data easily and securely through the cloud platform. Even if you have a team spread across different locations cloud computing is the easiest and safest way to give the employees, and contractors access to the same files. Also, this model makes it easier to share the records with your financial advisers.    
  • Automatic Updates – You get access to all the automatic updates for your IT requirements. The access to automatic updates mostly may be included in your service fee. The cloud computing service provider, regularly update your software with the latest technology. This includes updated versions of software, as well as upgrades to servers.
  • Quality Control – ‘Quality’ is important for the success of any business. Poor quality and inconsistent reporting may be detrimental to your business. But, if you opt for the cloud environment all your data, documents and information are stored in one place and in a single format. The same information is accessed by all the employees thus maintaining consistency in data, having clear records of all the updates or changes and avoiding human errors.
  • Being Competitive and Attracting Talent – Though cloud computing is becoming popular, still there are many who think, it is not their cup of tea. Well, that’s an individual choice but by not opting for the cloud environment you are certainly on the back foot than your competitors who have done so. Cloud Contact Center Software gives you a competitive advantage. Also when you follow cloud computing you attract the talent as people want flexibility in work.  The new generation employees especially reject the traditional working hierarchies and are keener on the possibility of remote work. This can be easily achieved by cloud computing.