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Unified Communications Software

A Software Unified Communications also commonly referred to as a cloud call center does more than a traditional call center. Cloud-based call center software embraces communication platforms such as email; text messages, social media, and live chat as mentioned earlier. Managing multiple support requests from so many communication platforms can be daunting as well as demanding. However, when you work with the best Cloud Call Center Software providers you have an effective all-in-one solution at hand.

The technology is known as unified communication. A cloud phone contact center is a software package that includes a number of tools and applications that work together over the internet to create a unified hub that helps remote cloud call center reps address and resolves all inbound and outbound customer interactions via multiple channels such as phone calls, web, email, chat, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

When you install Unified Communications software, your clients will be able to contact a Customer Support Agent over a variety of channels, including phone, chatbot, social media, email, Whatsapp, and more. The contact is routed to a relevant Customer Support Executive who has expertise managing similar issues and can resolve it quickly, based on the nature of the inquiry (through in-built AI algorithms).

The team today seeks flexibility in the way that it exchanges ideas and collaborates with fellow team members, and you can find all these in unified communications software. Switching to a Unified Communications solution offers proven assurance of higher scalability, improved efficiency, and reduction in the company’s recurring expenditure. Ever since the launch, organizations, both medium and small have been keen and fast on the uptake of the cloud software solutions concept. Be it Cloud Contact Centers in Philippines or UK, they’ve become an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their customer base and service practices and attain maximum efficiency. Not to forget offering their customers the highest level of satisfaction.

How to Choose Service Desk Software

Omnichannel customer experience is unique and certainly gives your business a competitive edge. In the contemporary and dynamic corporate climate, it is an essential tool. When you reach out to a professional call center software provider, they will ideally ask you questions or collect information that will help them to index the profile of your customer. This information will guide you to include features in your cloud contact center.

You ought to find the right contact center software that will meet the need of your customer. You may need to take stock of data that will tell you what channels your customers use or would like to use to get through to you. Those channels may include Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. You can use this information to help you decide which features to add to your cloud-based contact center.

Brings Down Costs

By merging cloud computing with UC, businesses can cut down on the huge capital cost required for setting up hardware, assigning space for it, and employing engineers to maintain the system. With the new system, you have to pay per user, and it is scalable. An integrated system offers information to everyone with the click of a button, saving a lot of communication and time in the process.

Unified communication continues to improve and evolve, and it continues to offer benefits that go beyond better productivity, efficiency, and collaboration to better connect remote workers and integrate communications into business processes. Businesses that consider merging cloud services with unified communications find that the outcome is something else.

If you are contemplating shifting to a smarter system to simplify your business workflow, do consider taking advantage of unified communications in the cloud.

Enterprise Ready & Easy-to-Use Software


Regardless of your team size, we provide a secure enterprise level solution at an affordable, SME price point.



With data centers located across North America, Europe, and Asia, Telerain’s global redundant cloud infrastructure with 99.9995% uptime provides the ease of mind to scale and grow your business.



Support blended multimedia agent interactions in one place with functionality designed for Voice, Voicemail, Fax, SMS, Chat, and Email. All features are included in every plan – you only pay for concurrent agent use.



Easy-to-use, browser-based toolbar empowers agents to quickly adapt to the software to manage all inbound & outbound communications without ever hanging to navigate away from your CRM.



Say goodbye to scheduled downtime long integrations, and maintaining hardware or software. Make configuration changes to your contact center on-the-fly without having to depend on any service providers.

Different deployment models handle the various diverse client demands