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The Crypto Connect offers most efficient call center solutions, customized solutions for all industries and serving geographies around the world.

The Crypto Connect Technology


The Crypto Connect  Managed Inbound Contact Center includes all of the ACD and IVR features you need to run your contact center operations effectively, including all the advanced capabilities you expect from traditional premise-based infrastructure: skills-based call routing, IVR with Intelligent routing, Voice Mail, Voice Logging,GUI-based pop-up Interface, CTI with Knowledge-base URL, CRM integration’s, and more.

Routed Calls

Millions of calls handled every day with proven technology


On-demand solutions for contact centers


Deployed in every kind of business, of all sizes

With The Crypto Connect Managed Inbound Contact Center, calls are routed and processed more rapidly, which means your customers experience reduced waiting times; they can contact you wherever they are and on the technology of their choice and are then directed more easily to the right agent, no matter where he or she is physically located. This solution enables successful off-shore contact centers, follow-the-sun strategies and site consolidation to support callers in all markets worldwide.

Why Crypto Connect?

We believes in the idea of exceeding your expectation at every level ranging from Technology, Customer Experience and Support to take you from the satisfaction to a completely new level of delight. Telerain Cloud is designed and known to cater the complex Inbound and Outbound requirements with high call traffics and irrespective of number of users. It comprises the features like:

  • Predictive/Preview/Progressive Dialer
  • IP PBX
  • CRM
  • Inbuilt Reporting Engine
  • Voice Recording
  • Quality Monitoring
  • ACD and IVR
  • Multichannel with Social Media

New Technology

First time introducing the technology for optimizing the ideal time to call the customer using the historical data and get the maximum number of connects on a repeat calls. Answering Machine Detection provides a filter to Answering Machines, Fax Tones, Busy Tones and Wrong Numbers, increasing your total number of connected call which is directly proportional to total number of sales. Pacing modulation helps to optimize the call connects and avoiding the call drops, this leads to better productivity and enormous cost saving.

Supervisor application

Enables supervisor/manager across levels to keep track of workforce and fully utilize quality monitoring and supervision capabilities in a multi-site setup. With a unified interface, it is very convenient to achieve holistic view of thousands of users in real time across contact centers, processes and campaigns. Whether it is viewing selective work groups, organization units, contact centers or specific campaigns, supervisor/managers can view relevant details – both historical as well as real-time trends – with a graphical interface. Apart from this the supervisors have the feature like Whisper, Barge, Snoop, conference and many more.


Myth Busters


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Availability Many cloud solutions claim that they are available, but there are maintenance periods during which the system is down. Crypto Connect Active – Active, servers are always running and replicated in multiple data centers, upgrades can be done without availability being affected.
Security The number one myth around cloud computing is security. Many do believe that only an internally hosted solution can prevent  security threats. Crypto Connect monitors 24×7 and risk audit controls surpassing industry standards set by GLBA, PCI, HIPPA an SOX are available, then your sensitive data is protected.
Scability Most cloud technology providers are unable to seamlessly manage spiky call volumes or scale in size and capability quickly as an enterprise experiences growth. With proven Crypto Connect multi-tenant solution, you can scale infinitely, from a few agents to a hundred to thousands.
Innovation Releasing a simple bug fix, deploying maintenance releases and changing agent priorities is a major effort and inflexible. In a true cloud model, an upgrade, fix or enhancement is made once and deployed to all. Ironically cloud is far more innovative than any on premise setup.
Self-Service There is too much training involved in learning how to deliver and manage all of the tools and administrative functions involved with a cloud solution. Crypto Connect is world’s first managed cloud contact center platform. To manage your system we have our own IT & Functional Experts 24×7.

The Crypto Connect Core Competencies


The Crypto Connect communication suite- A 360 degree communication platform with next generation IP technology providing solution for some the of the most complex problems in communication Industry

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