Technology has a crucial role to play in the outsourced service providers businesses. The businesses heavily depend on the technology and a good technology has the power to transform companies. Hence it is imperative to make a use of cutting-edge technology. Not only it must make the contact center operations seamless, flexible and easy to administer but it also must be innovative and must bring a value add to the business that hire you.


Innovative Technology

No other services sector demands more. When your customers are businesses in finance, healthcare, education, one-to-one marketing and other distinct vertical industries, you’re required to deliver services that deliver results. For every client you represent, there’s the unending pressure to build their customer base and increase their sales, to meet their compliance needs, and to grow their business, all while expanding your own.

With the contact center solution from KruptoConnect , you get more of what you need to offer — inbound, outbound and blended services for specialized markets of all kinds. From one vendor, you get complete omnichannel capability with a single platform that’s all software. You expand services with an adaptable application suite, and eliminate complexity with our platform’s open integration and simple administration. You get a full view of your operations at all times

Most of all, you get innovation — state-of-the-art technology that gives you all-in-one power and unrivaled agility. As outsourcers worldwide can tell you, the innovation from our platform delivers a clear advantage for your business… and for every business that counts on the services you provide.

Innovation that’s practical and ongoing

Centralize omnichannel processing and inbound/outbound blending as well as system configuration, administration and reporting. Inherently, disaster recovery and multi-site location independence also come down to a central platform. The headaches you avoid? Multiple systems from multiple vendors, integration complexity, a string of administrative interfaces, and costly rip and replace upgrades.

Manage multichannel services, seamlessly. Voice, chat, email, SMS and social media. The versatile KruptoConnect platform handles all types of media the same way for service that’s consistent and responsive, even when one customer needs voice and email while another wants voice, chat and social media. Monitoring and end-to-end reporting across all channels is equally seamless.

Take self-service beyond “basic.” Offer intelligent speech enabled IVR services that drive actual business processes, and provide additional Artificial Intelligence value with integrated knowledge management and auto response.


IP contact center platform

Pass along proven innovation to your customers

  • First unified platform for PBX, ACD, IVR and presence
  • First solution to support skills-based routing for charts and emails as well as calls
  • First contact center suite inherently architected on the SIP standard for IP communications
  • First SIP-based predictive dialer
  • First all-in-one solutions for workforce management
  • First platform to automate business processes using contact center communications practices

Cloud-based or on precise

Automation in a call center, like in any other industry, is used to simplify a complicated or a lengthy process and make work easy for the employees. Automated call center software provides various options for ex: AI chat bots is the most innovative one among all.

Telerain offers its clients the choice of the premised-based as well as the cloud-based solution at a fixed monthly cost and also as a managed service where we do it all. The clients can switch from the cloud-based solution to a premise-based and vice versa at any time. We will make sure the transition is smooth, with zero downtime and without any loss of the applications.


Power and flexibility for growth

Scale in all directions

Scale in all directions

Scale your contact center and services operations from one location to several, from a few hundred seats to thousands including remote users and from thousands of calls and interactions per month to millions. And when your customers go global, take them wherever they decide to go.

Be nimble

Be nimble

Effectively grow your services with simple licensing and quickly handle changes you’re being asked to implement. Provide applications for inbound functionality, and add outbound capability at any time — or vice versa. Also leverage advanced apps such as automated satisfaction surveys.

Integrate to legacy solutions

Integrate to legacy solutions

When customer requirements dictate connecting to other solutions, our open platform and pre-packaged integrations let you. Extend your services reach for CRM, workforce management, email, data storage systems, and key business apps. Interoperability also reaches to voice systems, SIP devices, and SIP trunks.

Total visibility for customers

Monitor, record, report, track

For executives as well as supervisors, provide the monitoring tools your customers need in one comprehensive web portal and dashboard: real-time ACD stats and historical data, customizable and ad-hoc reports, and live interaction monitoring.

Recording functionality includes the ability to playback recorded interactions, review contact center user scorecards, and query millions of archived recording files in seconds.

Continually evaluate performance for improvement.

Utilize applications for workforce management, automated satisfaction surveys and employee scoring to

  1. Continually gauge how customers use media channels and services, and
  2. identify and upgrade lagging satisfaction drivers in services processes.

As a result, your users become superior service ambassadors.


Meet regulatory compliance head-on, in most any industry

When you work with contact centers in virtually every type of industry, you learn something about regulatory guidelines and compliance. KruptoConnect helps you ensure compliance for your customers with the advanced monitoring, outbound dialing and recording tools in our contact center solution — along with compliance best practices proven in contact centers around the world.

  • DNC regulations
  • Netherlands DNC register
  • FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)
  • FTC Fair Debt Collection Privacy Act (FDCPA)
  • Foti compliance
  • FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • PCI compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • International recording restrictions
  • UK Office of Communication (Ofcom) Persistent Misuse Statement – and amendments

Outsourced services performance across your contact center

Contact Management

  • Multichannel access: voice, Chat, email, web, SMS, social media
  • ACD
    • Multichannel queuing
    • Priority and skills-based
    • Email routing
  • IVR
    • Intelligent speech recognition
    • Self-service automation
  • Outbound dialing
  • Pure blended inbound/outbound campaign management
  • IP PBX
  • Auto attendant
  • Real-time presence management
  • Remote and at-home users
  • CRM integrations
    • Screen pop
    • IVR

Operations Visibility

  • Web portal for customers
    • Access executives, supervisors
    • Shared outsourcer/client access to historical reports
    • Recording access (playback, agent scorecards)
    • Dashboard with near real-time statistics
    • Live monitoring of calls
  • Multichannel recording
    • Calls, emails, faxes, chats, social media
    • Screen recording
    • Rapid call recording queries, search millions of archived files in seconds
  • End-to-end reporting
  • User monitoring, scoring
  • User-definable alarms
  • Alert monitor view
  • Automated post-call customer satisfaction surveys
    • Feedback management
    • Continuous improvement
  • Interaction tracking and analytics enterprise-wide

Advance Functionality

  • Small or large, license only what you need
  • Real-time speech analytics
  • Knowledge management and auto response
  • Workforce management
  • Intelligent multi-site interaction routing
  • Pre-packaged third-party integration tools
  • Graphical application generator
    • Deploy new services rapidly, whenever needed
    • Customize and maintain IVR services for customers
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