“Insurance has become an increasingly price-competitive environment in which barriers to entry and switching costs are low. Carriers face constant pressure to attract new customers and reduce churn… and to be a leader by consistently exceeding customer expectations.”


Building loyalty just got easier

Competition throughout the insurance industry is tougher and customer expectations are greater. As a carrier, an agent or a third-party administrator, you feel the burden to keep the customers you have, while at the same time finding ways to grow your business. KruptoConnect helps you improve what matters “right now” to build customer loyalty, along with a foundation for growth at the same time.

With our ongoing innovation and all-in-one platform, you connect to policies, billing, claims, and content management solutions — to enable communications and process automation across the core systems you use. To get work done faster and more accurately, leverage our platform to capture, prioritize, route, escalate and track every step of key business and customer service processes.

And by unifying and tracking communications for calls and email as well as text messages, social media, web chat and fax, our platform lets you manage media channels that make it easy for customers to contact your organization — and speed the pace of interactions when they do. In all, our platform brings your operations together to make them more efficient and easier to navigate.

Streamlining operations is only the first step. Attracting and cultivating high-value customers further requires providing exceptional service. Continually. With our platform’s inherent live monitoring, historical reporting and features such as automated satisfaction surveys, you measure performance, invite customer feedback, and systematically verify that service levels exceed expectations.

Simplify the application and underwriting process

When you centrally orchestrate services by consolidating systems for toll-free numbers, email, web forms and mail, you reduce the customer frustrations that stem from long hold times, missed calls and unanswered emails. KruptoConnect platform uniformly captures calls, recordings, emails, faxes, text messages, and mail, and automatically classifies incoming media in a cohesive, indexed structure.

Why manually match content with policy files and risk missing files and human error? Automate and map processes to route work to underwriting personnel based on product skills, training, underwritten premium, geographical location, and employee availability. Effectively complete applications. Instead of waiting for information from third-parties and follow-ups, configure web services to connect to and import medical reports, credit scores, motor vehicle, and CLUE reports. Or simply automate outbound information requests to applicants via IVR and email.

Secure your connections to data and administration systems, email/ web servers, and even mobile phones. User access rights, real time monitoring, and voice and screen recording also let you consistently follow security guidelines.

With real-time views into processes, detailed historical reports on tasks, and start-to-finish timing, you get complete information to benchmark underwriter efficiency and modify process flows. And with KruptoConnect platform, the improvement is continuous.


Process claims more quickly

When insureds contact you, intelligently direct them to the assigned adjuster and “pop” the associated claim file and interactions on the adjuster’s desktop. Or, keep insureds updated via self-service IVR, text message, email, or a social networking site. Automate the short strokes in a longer-tail process. Eliminate parallel and sub-processes — our integrated platform automates routing, database look-ups and screen pops to expedite coverage confirmation. Using web services also streamlines how you collect and store police reports, medical bills, photos, and adjuster reports.
Automate phone, fax, email and online channels to make reporting a loss easier, and automate the claims process itself by associating all content to the claim file — routing files to any location based on skills, rules and tasks. Also customize processes to improve existing workflows and base delivery on exposure, age of claim or established reserve.

Keep field adjusters constantly within reach with web- and mobile-based functionality for presence management, call control, conferencing, messaging, and speech access to voice mails, emails and data. Leverage our IP-based platform to also quickly and virtually add field resources as needed for disaster response operations.

For disaster recovery, our platform’s integrated content management component secures claims files, customer requests and other sensitive information full-time, and electronically backs up data on a regular basis on AWS S3 to protect it from being misplaced or destroyed by a catastrophic event.

Improve customer service and operational efficiencies while reducing costs

With one platform for Omnichannel communications, content management, process automation, and open integration to your policy administration system, you provide a single point of capture for policyholder servicing and route and process endorsement requests much faster. Inherently, you improve efficiency and reduce admin costs at the same time.
Use our platform to support automated IVR menus for callers and Self-Service for online users, and you appeal to a more tech-oriented policyholder base. But you also preserve the time of higher skilled knowledge workers, rapidly deploy new services with no expensive programming, and future-proof your whole technology direction.

Integrate our platform-driven applications for workforce management, automated satisfaction surveys and employee scoring, and you continually gauge how insureds use your media channels and services, and identify and upgrade lagging satisfaction drivers in processes for enrollment, claims, etc. More so, you make employees superior service ambassadors.

From initial contact with potential insureds to follow-through with existing policyholders, our platform’s inherent real-time monitoring, tracking and historical reporting combine to reveal where your organization can map best practices into service processes to streamline operations and make them less costly.


One solution to surround your insurance processes

Application/Underwriting process

  • Improve productivity by consolidating communications
    • Quickly access resources: data, people, other offices, etc.
    • Collect all required information
  • Credit report, medical records, MVR, Loss run, photos, etc.
    • Ease communication with agents
  • Improve efficiency
    • Route applications faster and more accurately
    • Route associated calls, emails, social media, chats, faxes
    • Standardize and streamline processes for review, approval, customer notification
    • Automate the collection of third party application data

Claims Processing

  • Settle claims more quickly
    • Automate call distribution for precise first-time routing
    • Provide immediate access to assigned adjuster
    • Route claims by territory, skills, availability
    • Quickly access claim status/activity
  • Mobility for adjusters in the field
    • Mobile access to the corporate system, messaging and data from anywhere, at all times
    • Full-time availability via real-time presence management and one-number Find-me/Follow-me
    • Rapid call recording queries, search millions of archived files in seconds

Customer service

  • Single all-in-one solution
    • Route and track all interaction media types
    • Offer customers inbound and outbound contact options for phone, email, social media, chat, and faxes
    • Unify departments and multi-site locations on one platform
    • Readily involve available qualified employees
    • Improve operational metrics and performance benchmarks
    • Localize workflows between offices with virtual routing
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