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Call center software has traditionally been known as a phone service for resolving customer issues. Though it remains a prime customer engagement method, many communication channels have developed and taken the quality of customer’s experience of doing business online, a lot higher.

We’ve created this blog to share information regarding important aspects of installing and integrating cloud-based call center software for the sales force of your enterprise. You’ll learn about difference between call centers and contact centers as well as their features and functionalities. Through this blog we will also throw light on points you ought to keep in mind to select the best contact center software for your business.

What is Cloud Based Call Center ?

Cloud-based contact center is advanced functionality software which empowers an enterprise to handle customer calls and engage in customer interactions via web. Cloud software service provider’s job is to customise and install technology or system for a business house that will help businesses of various kinds to create a better experience for their customer. The contact center software primarily focuses on providing multiple communication channels, viz. phone, social media, email, text, live web chat, that client can choose to interact with the organisation based on his/her convenience. Cloud software service offers advanced functionality which goes beyond dialing and receiving calls.

Customer Interaction is a critical part of any business irrespective of size of business or its geographical location. Modern online customers use email, chat, social media and text to connect with clients they want to engage in conversation or business with. This trend of connecting via diverse channels has seen a steep rise in recent times. Considering it, the need to modernise the call center has become imperative; and more and more business houses are showing interest in installing the upgraded cloud- based call center software.

Demand for Call Center Software Solutions on Rise

Every competent business organisation that wants to stay at the top of its game should consider adding as many communication channels in order to give its customers a superior business experience. No matter where your business is based, Vietnam or Philippines, call center software has the power to strengthen your engagement with your potential client improving your chances of success manifold.

How Does Cloud Contact Center Service Work ?

Cloud contact center software facilitates multiple communication channels for incoming & outgoing interaction between a customer and the business via voice, text, ticketing, social media and video communications with help of a high-speed internet connection. This is also a very convenient and hassle-free option because when an enterprise hires services of Contact Center Software Service providers, responsibility to handle the technical setup, equipment, and maintenance of the servers lies with the Contact Center Software Service provider.

How Does Contact Center Software Service Work ?

Business houses that opt for cloud-based software solutions neither have to purchase any telecom hardware nor worry about the installation and its maintenance. When you choose powerful & easy-to-deploy-and-use call center software, it lowers your IT infrastructure installing cost and improves Return on Investment (ROI). What your business get is a full-featured, multichannel contact center with advanced functionality to deliver better customer experiences.

Difference between Cloud Based Call Center & Contact Center ?

Businesses using cloud-based call centers are equipped to handle heavy flow of incoming and outgoing phone calls as the software offers scalability. Representatives or sales team interacts with customers over phone in real time from office or remote location (home, holiday).

On the other hand, business that deploys cloud-based contact center software, sales team or representatives handle enquiries and interact with clients not just over phone, but via multiple channels that includes phone, email, social media, text message, and live chat.

Also, cloud based contact center enables representatives to access and view customer data and past interactions from all the channels they may have used in their previous interactions. Access to such information helps sales team to offer support & solutions which the customer is expecting. Sales team has the option to choose to reply between text message, live chat, call with a software-based dialer, ticket etc.

Factors such as secure data integrations and access to data that can solve clients’ issues to their utmost satisfaction makes cloud contact centers an ideal solution for overall growth of business. It is an effective tool for sales teams to set their organisation on the path of growth.

Advantages of Opting for Cloud Contact Center Software :

Demand for cloud software service providers is on the rise. Whether you want to hire service provider of call center software in Philippines or New York, everyone agrees it is a highly modern, business-friendly, feasible & effective tool. The set-up & installation of cloud contact center software is quick. Maintenance costs are low. Business data is stored in cloud, in a highly secure environment. The software enables user to work from remote location. It helps users to perform at their optimum; improves efficiency and productivity of the team using the system. The software is scalable, meaning when volume of calls increases it can be managed on the same software and there is no need to replace to upgrade the installation. Last but most important, it takes customer experience many levels higher, improving organisation’s chances and pace of growth.

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Dated : March 2, 2022.