Artificial Intelligence

Enhance, Augment or Transform provide a better sense of how customer-centric brands are leveraging AI to support the human element in their service operations

Smarter Business

Automate Repetitive tasks, Empower Agents and Reduce Cost

The High accuracy of our suggestions lets you automate up to 33% of queries.  This saves precious time for your customer service operator, which allow them to focus on the complex situations where customers need more attention.  Your customers are happier as they get the service they deserve the moment they need it.

How it Works

We bring practical applications of deep learning and AI to customer service operations. It analyzes incoming messages, predicts meta-data, routes cases, provides agents with accurate suggestions and automates responses.


AI Features

All the features you should know

Reduce Average Handling Time

Bot rapidly classifies tickets and customer support requests. By placing messages in the right categories and routing them to the right team, Bot can increase agent capacity by ~30%. In addition, the AI learns from every agent interaction, so it gets smarter over time.

Automate Repetitive Questions

Bot will automatically respond to repetitive questions, allowing you to support service disruptions and unexpected volume spikes. Your agent’s productivity increases by 30 – 50%.

Streamline Your Knowledge

Bot will suggest the right answers to your agents, so they no longer have to search through templates or knowledge articles. And of course, no more copy-pasting from notepads.

Improve Satisfaction

With bots, agents can delegate routine tasks, reduce strain, and concentrate on offering the best experience to customers.


Integrations to wherever your customers are. Facebook Messenger, Slack & widgets for web/Mobile Apps.

Be in Charge

Deep Learning Bot is not a naive bot that risks wasting your customers’ time with bad answers. Instead, because of our suggestions, your operator remains in control.


Our software learns every time you receive a question or use a suggestion. Simply put, as you use our software, the suggestions improve automatically.


We brings the AI factor to your current CRM system. Whether you use Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom or a different CRM, Bot integrates easily.

A lot of money

If you have 1000 chat operators using our suggestions, every year you directly save:

$ 0


The value goes beyond savings.

Happy Customers

Customers no longer have to wait hours for a reply. The quality and consistency also increase. Your customers will love that.

Reduced Churn

89% of customers have permanently switched to a competitor after a bad experience. Happy customers will stay with you.

New Sales Conversations

Faster problem-solving enables more proactive sales conversations.

Shared Knowledge

All existing and new conversations are stored and your operator’s best practice answers are shared automatically through the suggestions.

Faster & Cheaper onboarding

Your new operators would learn incredibly fast if they were always assisted by your most experienced operator. True AI is that operator.

Practical Applications

There is a lot of hype today about chatbots, deep learning and AI. Having deployed scalable products across the entire spectrum, we understood the benefits and limitations of each technology. And built a product that brings together the best of deep learning research, chatbot interfaces and Human experiences for customer service.


In ChatbotLab you can do any Cases

Automating manual work

Chatbots allow you to automate routine manual work. Does not require salary, work around the clock and do not make mistakes.


Chatbots will be useful for quick and repeat purchases. They can be universal consultants who communicate naturally.


Chatbots can quickly publish to their subscribers the latest news from various sources of data such as RSS, social networks.

Technical support

Replace the first technical support line with chatbot. Chatbots can inform, answer questions, help your customers. more…

Web widget

Connect chatbot on your site? For this we have a web widget. With it, you can organize a web consultant who will communicate with your visitors.


Chatbots can easily and successfully be used for entertainment purposes, conduct a dialogue, surprise, amuse and delight your users.

Cloud services and SaaS

Chat Bots allow you to organize the Soft as Service product available to your customers 24/7.


Chatbots allow you to make an appointment with a doctor, beauty salon, car repair shop.


With the help of chatbot you can organize surveys, questioning clients and organize marketing campaigns.

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