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Single-Sourced Unified Communications – Always on Instant Communications

We’re living in a world driven by digital transformation. The digital transformation has touched every part of our lives. and everything happens instantly. The way we pay bills or receive payments, how we shop, read, or communicate; how we work or spend our leisure hours; how we study, play games, and entertain ourselves… digital transformation has taken over
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Cloud-based Call Centers vs On-premise: How to Choose One?

Let us first recognize that both terms, cloud-based call center and on-premise call centers, refer to customer service, albeit in different ways. Cloud-based call centers We all use the internet and understand that “cloud-based” refers to information that is stored in the cloud (whether data and numbers or images or conversations, both oral and written) and can be
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Choosing a good cloud based contact center solution & features you can’t overlook

Cloud computing is now a viable option not only for large corporations with multiple branches or large sums of money, but also for small businesses with limited resources and use. The benefits of cloud-based call center software for businesses include accessible data, automatic syncing, remote work facilitation, and easy backups, among many others. The best thing about unified
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How Choosing Cloud-based Call Center Can Change Customer Experience

If you had asked customers about their experience communicating with your call centers a year or two ago, they would have told you about having to deal with on-call hold, extended call duration, sluggish turnaround responses, an umpteen number of call transfers, the frustration they felt having to explain the issue more than a few times to different
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