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How Choosing Cloud-based Call Center Can Change Customer Experience

If you had asked customers about their experience communicating with your call centers a year or two ago, they would have told you about having to deal with on-call hold, extended call duration, sluggish turnaround responses, an umpteen number of call transfers, the frustration they felt having to explain the issue more than a few times to different
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Traditional Call Center vs. Virtual Call Center

With the advent of the internet and evolving technologies, the environment for doing business has undergone a change most of us in our late 40s and 50s did not envision. If someone had told us that a time would come when we, as an individual, would have scope and access to tools to do any business with people
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Implement Cloud Phone for Your Customers

When the pandemic hit the world unawares, it did not just alter the social and economic landscape, but also the digital backdrop of everything we do. Even though the pandemic seems behind us, the phase has gotten us used to several new ways of doing things in day-to-day life, remote working being one of them. It’s no surprise
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How to Go for a Reliable Cloud Call Center Service Provider in the Philippines 

The software, the technology, and the innovation, that have compelled the entire world to wake up and take notice of Cloud Call Center Technology It’s a business phone system that empowers organisations to hire and work with remote teams with the help of software that can be customised to perform a range of other functions based on your
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